Goals Set, Goals Met

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A lot can happen in six months.

If you’ve checked in here over the last six months you may have noticed a lack of new posts. The truth is, I haven’t had a spare moment to post on my blog because I’ve been completely focused on helping an author client bring his next book to fruition. The working title is The Belief Window: Discovering How Your Beliefs Work For You Or Against You.

The book is already having an impact on me in ways both subtle and profound. In my deepest heart, I know this book will affect many people, especially those who are willing to look within and then easily invite change into their lives.

My own e-book released this past Spring, titled Release & Catch: Let Go of the Past, Catch Your Future, also deals with inviting change into your life through a series of simple written exercises. The goal-setting part of these exercises has worked incredibly well in my life. Today, I’m seeing results from goals I set six and nine months ago playing out big time in my life.

In fact, when I take the time to step back from the busy-ness of goal achieving and appreciate what I’m accomplishing it quite honestly blows my mind!!!

How is your manifestation plan coming along? For me it’s moving at lightning speed. Things I imagined and visualized for the past year are coming to fruition. It’s exhilarating and enlightening on so many levels.

It’s even happening on the physical level, as in “lightening the load” of my body itself. Weight is melting off me and I am feeling stronger than ever before.

My sense of Purpose has sharpened and focused. The Path is now clear for happiness and success in the forms most important to me at this time. As I become aware of old beliefs that no longer work for me, I replace them with new ones that support me on my Path.

Soon I will be offering seminars and workshops, plus other easy/play-full ways to
teach people about the Belief Window and help them access their own Inner
Knowing. Let’s see how it all plays out.

Take the journey with me and let me know — what New Path are you on in your growth?




How Fear Creates Choice

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March has arrived and everything is getting ramped up. Can you feel it? Many of you have experienced a slower January and February than usual this year. That’s because you were very busy laying the foundation for all the highly charged activity that March has lying in wait for us.

Now that you have all your ducks in a row (you do, right?) it’s all systems go and full steam ahead! With the surge of spring in nature, the leap forward in time with Daylight Savings, and more light streaming onto the northern hemisphere, individuals and businesses alike up the optimism quotient, and everyone seems to have an improved outlook on the year ahead.

I wrote these first two paragraphs last week but had to stop before I could complete my blog post. At the time, I knew that March had some very highly charged activity predicted for this month, and had learned that some of that activity would come in the form of “earth changes” and so I was not completely surprised when Mother Nature showed us unequivocally who is really in charge on this planet as she did on March 12th.

The images streaming out of Japan following last Saturday’s devastating earthquake and accompanying tsunami are disturbing, heartbreaking, terrifying, and sobering. Thousands of people missing presumed dead, towns and cities reduced to tangled messes that may take decades to rebuild, a growing threat of further destruction from damaged nuclear power plants contaminating the air, the waters, people and animals alike.

A tsunami of fear unleashed itself around the planet.

Questions arise about our own safety here in America Read the rest of this entry »



Creativity Wake Up Call

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Are the seasons a little mixed up where you are? Here in Southern California, it’s definitely feeling like Spring. The calendar says February but honestly, it feels much more like April to me.

The breeze carries hints of blossoms, especially the incredibly heady scent of mock-orange trees and of vines laden with jasmine, also known as “wedding bouquet.” Flowers are bursting out everywhere it seems. Brilliant hot pink ice plant adorns many of our freeway interchanges. The sunny yellow mustard grass covers Irish-green hillsides while purple lupin and mountain lilac bushes show off their royal colors. Daffodils, irises, freesias, tulips and paper whites have been proudly waving their lovely colors for a few weeks now and are almost past their peak. We’re still getting a few rainstorms here and there, and the occasional “Alaskan Express” reminds us that, indeed, it still is winter. And yet, as the days grow longer and the sunlight grows stronger, we really notice the seasonal shift.

As Nature begins to shake off the long slumber of winter, so too do we humans begin to emerge from our own kind of hibernation. Perhaps you feel a surge of creativity pouring through you these days. Or maybe you’re feeling the urge for more physical activity so you step up your fitness. Many people report they are going into “organizing mode” and finally clearing out the clutter they’ve been drowning in, or revamping closets, garages, pantries and cupboards.

The business world is affected too. Companies like Staples and Office Depot report an increase Read the rest of this entry »